No one becomes a leader because they want to crash and burn…

So why is it that so many new leaders feel overwhelmed and under-resourced?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or first-time manager, you’ve faced the chaos of leadership. Urgent demands, unclear expectations and lack of training can cripple you. People try to pull you in a million different directions, Stretch Armstrong-style

Here at Starting Leadership, we believe that every new leader deserves the training and support that they need to do their job well.

You’re on a journey to become a better leader, and we’re here to help you learn the ropes.

About Me

I’m Lawrence Barker, founder of Starting Leadership.

Lawrence Barker - Starting LeadershipI got my first managerial role when I was 22, and I clearly remember what it felt like. I’d had no formal leadership training, I was just thrown straight into the deep end. While it didn’t all go horribly, it took years to figure out which way was up.

In the last decade I’ve led teams in both the non-profit and tech worlds. I’ve managed teams as small as four people and as large as fourteen. I managed to double my salary through multiple promotions in a two-year period. I’ve been frustrated and pleasantly surprised by people. I’ve dealt with personality problems, nonstop change and feeling uncertain about the best way forward.

Through it all, I’ve developed into a better human and better leader. I’ve learned how to maximize my impact as a leader and how to rely on my skills, insight and experience.

It’s been a fun ride so far, and I’m eager to have you join us so we can help you get there even quicker than I did.